Early reviewers are raving about BITING BAD!

We’re only three days away from the August 6, 2013 release of BITING BAD, the eighth Chicagoland Vampires novel, and reviewers are raving! “[H]eart-pounding danger, high-stakes drama and excitement as Merit, Ethan and crew take on a treacherous new enemy!” — RT Book Reviews “I absolutely loved this book from start to finish; this is the[…]

RT Book Reviews gives HOUSE RULES 4.5 stars!!

I am thrilled to announce that RT Book Reviews has given HOUSE RULES 4 1/2 stars–their highest rating! Politics and murder comprise a two-pronged assault on the Cadogan House of vampires in Neill’s newest Chicagoland Vampires novel.  Events from previous books have led to the upcoming historic break with the Greenwich Presidium of vampires, promising[…]

BITING COLD gets 4 stars from RT Book Reviews!

The first review of BITING COLD is in, and RT Book Reviews gave it four stars! Loyal Neill fans were rewarded in the previous chapter of her stirring Chicagoland Vampire series by the mind-blowing return of Cadogan vampire leader Ethan. But now friendships and loyalties are being tested in Neill’s rousing new novel that races from Chicago to more[…]

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