BITING COLD gets 4 stars from RT Book Reviews!

The first review of BITING COLD is in, and RT Book Reviews gave it four stars!

Loyal Neill fans were rewarded in the previous chapter of her stirring Chicagoland Vampire series by the mind-blowing return of Cadogan vampire leader Ethan. But now friendships and loyalties are being tested in Neill’s rousing new novel that races from Chicago to more remote areas of the Midwest. Readers are sure to enjoy this thrill-ride adventure.

Since Ethan’s return, Merit has been on an emotional roller coaster — it’s been both wonderful and unsettling. And now Merit’s former best friend, Mallory, has gone off the deep end and is dabbling in some very dangerous magic. Mallory is hunting for an ancient tome — the Maleficium — and if she finds it, things could get ugly. To stop her, Merit and Ethan head to Nebraska, where the Maleficium is stored. But Mallory may not be the only one after the book … after all, power player Seth Tate is still on the loose. Yet another headache arises in the form of the Greenwich Presidium of vampires, which has its eye on Cadogan House.

And speaking of RT Book reviews, fellow urban fantasy author Christina Henry and I are running a 5K in Chicago on November 4, 2012, and we talked to the lovely folks at RT Book Reviews about it!

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