New “Cadogan Track” gear

I’m running my second 5K on Sunday (Race for the Cure!) so I decided I needed a Cadogan House Track Team shirt. Because I’m nerdly like that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s a sample of the designs available! FRONT (White T-shirt) ย  BACK (White T-shirt) Cadogan Track sweatshirts, T-shirts, Long sleeve tees, and bottles are now available in[…]

She wore a crown

This picture from Dolce & Gabana’s spring 2013 presentation just floors me. Doesn’t it look like a bevy of fairy princesses? Those crowns, the crimson, the flats. So love the look and the photo, which was taken byย Garance Dore, who is utterly amazing in her own right. What do you think of when you see[…]

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