FOODIE Friday!

I’m a long-time vegetarian, but I loved the descriptive language in Serious Eats’ review of Chicago’s Folklore restaurant. Conclusion: It’s offally good! (Ha, Serious Eats. Ha.) Sayeth the reviewers: “The parillada is sizzling platter piled high with juicy grilled flap steak and cross cut short ribs, succulent pork sausage, crispy sweetbreads featuring a rich, almost[…]

Cage Match

I’ve been watching the results of the Ethan v. Catcher Cage Match poll. I think I forgot to include an answer…. Ethan v. Catcher in a Cage Match: Hello! We ALL win. 😉

Repost: Writer’s Beware

Lucienne Diver posted a great blog recently about warning signs for less-than-scrupulous literary agents and publishers. Third, money should flow to the author and not away. This means that you shouldn’t be paying reading fees, “expedited reading” fees, contract fees or any other expenses up front. The commission structure of agenting means that we don’t[…]

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