FOODIE Friday!

I’m a long-time vegetarian, but I loved the descriptive language in Serious Eats’ review of Chicago’s Folklore restaurant. Conclusion: It’s offally good! (Ha, Serious Eats. Ha.)

Sayeth the reviewers:

The parillada is sizzling platter piled high with juicy grilled flap steak and cross cut short ribs, succulent pork sausage, crispy sweetbreads featuring a rich, almost fried chicken-like crust, and blood sausage that eats like a firm cinnamon-spiced meat custard.”

Sayeth Merit: “Let’s go NOW.”
Sayeth Chloe: “Meat custard? TG I’m a vegetarian.”

4 thoughts on “FOODIE Friday!

  • Ok, Serious Eats seriously lost me at sweetbreads and blood sausage…ew! But more power to Merit! LOL

  • 'Succulent" is such an awesome word. It almost makes me feel dirty 🙂

    The 'meat custard' part…just sounds wrong. Custard should have nothing to do with meat. The two shouldn't even be acquaintances.

  • Leona – I'm not one for cooked vegetables generally, but I love beans of almost any variety. Black bean soup is a big hit, as is pretty much any Mexican / Tex-Mex featuring beans and tortillas together. Yum!

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