Ethan? Morgan? Catcher? It’s Time For A Debate!

After a fervent Tweet war over the best Chicagoland Vampire (or sorcerer), readers Tasha, Colette and Mandi have agreed to offer up a point/counterpoint/counterpoint on three CV favorites: Ethan, Morgan and Catcher. Ladies, take it away! [ED. NOTE: Kari — EARMUFFS!] > TEAM ETHAN (Colette of A Buckeye Girl Reads) I’m totally in love with[…]

Who Knew?

According to sci fi news source i09 (a daily read for me), lots of sci-fi authors, including Marjorie Liu and Meljean Brook, got their start writing racy (!) fan-fiction. As some of you may know, the first fiction I wrote (in 2005ish), was fan fiction for a certain Dark Huntery series set in NOLA. πŸ™‚[…]

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