It’s WRITE YOUR A$$ OFF time! Because I’m on an historically short deadline to write HARD BITTEN (and because My Favorite Boy will be out doing his photography thang), I’m making Sunday a Write Your A$$ Off! Day! My goal: 3,000 words of HARD BITTEN. My prize: The satisfaction of a hard day’s effort. Your[…]

Booksigning this Saturday!

Attention Nebraska Readers: Join me on Saturday, August 7 at 1:00 p.m. at The Bookworm for a TWICE BITTEN signing! I’ll also be giving away free swag, including Chicagoland Vampires pens and “I’ve Been Twice Bitten!” wristbands! (As a reminder, I need an invite from a bookstore to schedule a signing. You can see the[…]

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