Those crazy Adepts are at it again!

“Artificial Caverns are Expanding Beneath Chicago” Due to Chicago’s ongoing TARP project—its Tunnel And Reservoir Plan—there are now “109.4 miles of tunnels bored beneath the Chicagoland area.” According to Tunnel Business Magazine, this massive network of new subterranean space includes “deep tunnels, drop shafts, near-surface connection and control structures and dewatering pump stations,” all embedded[…]

Swag Fail

Soooo….as may be obvious from the recent lack of posts, I have been swamped lately. And, I got crazy behind on sending out swag during the last Blog Tour, so there were a few stragglers who still haven’t gotten their swag yet. But NEVER FEAR–the last of them went into the mail today, so they[…]

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