Those crazy Adepts are at it again!

“Artificial Caverns are Expanding Beneath Chicago”

Due to Chicago’s ongoing TARP project—its Tunnel And Reservoir Plan—there are now “109.4 miles of tunnels bored beneath the Chicagoland area.” According to Tunnel Business Magazine, this massive network of new subterranean space includes “deep tunnels, drop shafts, near-surface connection and control structures and dewatering pump stations,” all embedded beneath the

(Story and image via Tunnel Business Magazine, via BLDGBLOG).

Can’t you totally imagine some kind of Adept battle happen in that tunnel?? I mean, LOOK AT THE DOOR. This is such great fodder for DE3.

(Btw, how much do I love that there’s an industry publication called Tunnel Business Magazine?? Now that’s specific!)

5 thoughts on “Those crazy Adepts are at it again!

  • Tee-hee, my first thought when I saw this picture was Stargate! How funny. I take it the tunnels are going to become important in the next Merit book, hmmmmm? 😉

  • It's a bit scary. It reminded me of a recent horror movie I saw (can't remember the name- the one with the women spelunkers stuck in some caves in the Appalachians). So yeah, it would be a cool setting for a Dark Elite novel 🙂

  • @Warden – Not the next Merit book, the next Dark Elite book (Hexbound, January 2011).

  • Yes, this is an awesome tunnel. I could totally see the Adepts battling it out in there. That door looks like a spaceship, and yes, the fact it is called Tunnel Business Magazine is awesome. I think that there should be a scene where Scout is reading it in DE3. She does have quite an odd assortment of books.. or she could disguise her Grimoire as a copy of the magazine. That would be awesome 😀

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