DRINK DEEP “highly recommended”

Book blogger Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust kinda liked DRINK DEEP. 😉

So exciting! Merit finding her way on her own in a city turned against Vampires is pretty squee-worthy. I agree with Chloe’s Fiance that this is the best in the series so far. With a bumbing investigator out to crucify Cadogan house for some weird reason, her best friend studying her self into a state, and filled with grief from the last installment in the series, Merit has a bit going on. Oh, and the elements are going crazy for which the world blames vampires.

* * *

Unfortunately, all that fast paced action makes it hard to talk about the books(s) without spoilers. On the other hand, it makes me speak briefly. Highly recommended to Must-read. There’s enough back story that it can stand on its own but reading the previous bools in the series would give you a richer experience!  PREORDER this book. [Read more]

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7 thoughts on “DRINK DEEP “highly recommended”

  • i have to admit that i’m afraid of the book. after what happend in the last book we all expect a certain thing to happen. so now i’m affraid it wont happen at all or it will happen but not in this book. gahhh i hate it.

    i wonder if chloe got hate mails:)

  • I have mixed feeling on the book. I want to read it, but after the last book I am not sure what I want. I was very upset at the end of the last book. After reading what happened with Ethan, I put down the book and cried. I did not read the rest of the book until a couple days later. I am sure I will end up reading it but I don’t think I will be getting it right away. I may wait to skim over some comments and see what others think of the book

  • Have read the blurb on the back of both Drink Deep and Biting Cold, there isn’t a mention of the gorgeous Master Vampire on either one, not even a hint!! I hope I’m wrong but if there’s going to be a comeback (I have everything crossed there is!!!) it’s looking more like it going to be later rather than sooner… I really hope I’m wrong!!!!!

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  • I love this series! I write books, mostly for myself, because I can’t find exactly what I like. I LOVE this! I haven’t written in a week, because I have been tearing through the Chicagoland Series. I wept last night, when I got to the end of the third book. I hope I can continue the series. Congratulations on creating characters that people can feel so passionately about. I’m seriously in a bit of a funk, all due to a book. Now that’s a well written story. I hope Merit gets her happily ever after. Please keep your stories coming! Thanks!

  • Sorry, I need to amend my comment. It was the end of book 4. I can’t believe how quickly I devoured these.

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