Without further ado . . . the cover of BITING COLD!

I think this just might be my favorite Chicagoland Vampires cover. Whatcha think??

BITING COLD, the sixth Chicagoland Vampires book, will be out in August 2012. (So I should probably start writing it, huh?) 😉

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28 thoughts on “Without further ado . . . the cover of BITING COLD!

  • I absolutely love the cover!!! It totally personifies Merit! I can’t wait to read it, so hop to it – CV6 is not gonna write itself!!! LOL 😛

  • OMFG! Jumps around and does the happy dance while looking like a complete lunatic! AHHHHHHH! It’s out! I can’t believe it’s already out and OMFG! It is like 1000X better than the last cover! I can’t freckin’ wait! No explanation needed whatsoever! It is the best cover in the series for real!

  • I love, love, love the cover! It suits Merit perfectly. Always love seeing the Chicago skyline in the backdrop 🙂

  • BEST!! Cover so far I love it. I don’t know if im going to be able to wait all the way until AUG! AHHH!!!!!!!!! Im going to go crazy!

  • I LOVE this cover!
    It’s colder than the others. The leather jacke and the jeans fit her perfectly. And I always smile, when I see the Chicago Skyline in the background.
    Unfortunately I read the German books with different covers… 🙁

  • Love the cover although I suspect we’ll get something different in the uk – the covers are nowhere near as good on our versions! Love the whole ensemble but echoing Jess, where’s the trademark leathers? And what’s with the ring?
    If the cover is ready, does that mean that the blurb for the back of the book is ready too, ifso can we read it?

  • OMG!!
    Have just found the blurb on the books page -am seriously worried now as there isn’t even the slightest hint that Ethan has made a re-appearance in Merit’s dangerous life!!!!
    What it does say though is really exciting and frustrating – can’t believe how long we’re gonna have to wait to read this one … Aaaaaaaargh!!!!

  • LOVE IT CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT!!!!!! No leather, outside of the city, dark eery feeling, maybe she’s gone rogue……….

  • I love the cover. I absolutely love this series. Best ever. However, biting cold makes me think of Alaska and I am getting a strange feeling that Ethan is totally out of the picture and at my age is totally not a good thing. Ethan is/was for me the glue. Sorry that is my personally opinion, but I have totally trust in you to take this story to the next level I truly hope I am not disappointed. I am just too old for that.

  • I love it! I can’t believe we have to wait until August of next year!! That’s waaaaayyyyy too long 😉 Hey at least we have drink deep coming out in 5 weeks. Yippee!!

  • Love the new cover!! I kind of miss Merit in all leather though, lol.

    And on a totally selfish note, I really hope Ethan is back in time for this book. And if he’s back in Drink Deep, all the better! 🙂

  • I love the cover. The picture gives me the feeling that Merit has come to a crossroads. Which path will she choose??? Is it just me?

  • Love this cover! The cover makes me feel like this book will be a turning point for Merit. She will have to choose a path. The paths in front of her will be hard and merciless but only one will give her the answers she needs. In this book I think secrets will be revealed, trusts broken and betrayal. Her method that she uses will make her seem like she is crazy. These paths will take her further into a world that she only scratched the surface of knowing in the previous books. I think with the city in the front of her but small it signifies her desire to return to the culture and person she once was. Without Ethan I feel that Merit is going to be unstable and this will show more and more ( or at least the people in the book will think this). At the end of the day, all she wants is peace, emotionally and for the city, which is about to come at a steep price.
    BTW. Sorry if this is long, I am just excited about the book and cant wait for the next book to come out.

  • Mel… I really couln’t agree more with what you said above… I know this book is going to throw us all for a loop… So ready for the ride!!! ONLY 28 DAYS LEFT!!! Slowly going crazy with all the theories in my head!

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