20 thoughts on “Deleted Scene – “Counting Bodies”

  • I can’t tell if I like the book version or this one more.. This one is amazing and the song fits and what would I’ve given for that “I love you” from Merit in the fourth book, but at the end of the day I think I’m glad that he hasn’t paied for making her a Vampire ;D
    But it’s amazing to read the Deleted Scene, thank you for sharring! πŸ™‚

  • I love that scene ! Merit is very very angry but she has good reasons at the same time. I would have loved to see the way in which the relationship between Ethan and Merit could have evolved if the father of Merit had really paid off. Like the evolution of Merit and the decisions that led it to take. It would have been interesting to read. But on the other hand I am glad that Ethan is not accepted money: D
    Maybe Merit would have forgiven him one day, who knows …?

  • I like this but… I prefer the other version and glad you went with that one. Ethan is one of my faves and it wouldn’t fit his character to accept money for making someone a vampire. Thanks for sharing Chloe !

  • Woooowww… Merit now officially SCARES me πŸ˜€
    I’m kind of glad it worked out how it did… this seems like it’d be kind of too big for Merit to get past :O

  • I agree with Aneso and WickedSandwich…this scene really was good (just part of why we love Chloe’s writing so much), but I’m glad things went the way they did in the book. It really wouldn’t fit if Ethan were to accept money to turn someone into a vampire, but after reading this scene, there will always be an interest to see what would’ve happened had things gone down this way.

  • Amazing, my heart was pounding out of my chest waiting to see if she actually would do it. Oh, this deleted twist is something else. I like it, but not better then the one in the book. The books version left me with my mouth wide open, trying to process what happened!

  • WOW!!! I want more! I will have to reread the whole series again for the millionth time!

  • AH! you kill me with these two. Its a great scene, makes me want to know what she dose when she walks out the door. Where dose she go?

  • …. Yet the emotion of love still prevails… amazing that she is still bound to take the higher road. I’m glad that the story took a different spin. Makes me wonder what made you change your mind?

  • This may be a stupid question but what book is this from? I just started reading Chloe Neill. I have her Dark Elite Series which I love. But this sounds intriging.

  • I love this scene! But then, I’m definitely of the raise-the-stakes (no pun intended) school, and this is the ultimate. Very powerful!

    It’s a fantastic series. Can’t wait for the next book!

  • Loved the scene, thanks for sharing! As I was reading, I was half expecting Ethan to wake up while she was standing there with the sword. However I like that he didn’t, and that she left him with her medal and katana, and… the upper hand… It’s just sooo Merit!

  • I love reading what you write!!! Even if you had placed this in the book I feel that there would be quite a few of us sucked into your pages. Of all the vampire books this series still roams my mind over and over again.
    Hope all is going well with “Biting Cold”. Can’t wait!!

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