My Happy List

I’m answering a question posed by design/scrapbook blogger Elizabeth Kartchner and offering up some things on my current “happy” list.

1. Flip-flop weather. Being surrounded by green after a short winter (by Midwestern standards) and very early spring.

2. Writing in the warm, evening breeze on our deck.

3. My Timex Weekender watch. Great face, Indiglo feature, replaceable slipthrough straps, and totally reasonable price!

4. Grapefruit. I had no idea I liked it. Apparently, I do. 🙂

Timex Full Size Weekender Slip Thru Watch - Purple.Opens in a new window

5. Consolidating computer data in preparation for a possible 2012 release of a slimmer, retina-display Macbook. Well, an expected release anyway. I need Apple to deliver!

6. Eating healthier (more veg; more fruit; more lean protein; fewer processed carbs) and, as a result, feeling better.

7. Scout (our miniature schnauzer) racing across the yard at top speed to “chase” airplanes flying over.

8. Iced tea and frosty bottles of diet root beer


4 thoughts on “My Happy List

  • I must say it is much fun to know that you and I have same watch….

    Cannot wait for the next book!!!

  • Eating better is something we have in common, I started in January!!
    When will we get snippets of Biting Cold.

  • I have a great flaxseed bread recipe, less than 1 effective carbs! Only takes 20 minutes to make!

  • I LOVE all things SPRING and SUMMER!! 🙂 Yay… garden season, so I really can’t avoid eating better. Tiny cucumber sandwiches with iced lemon and lime water!!! Yum… and my kids just can’t get enough cherry tomatoes. They eat them like they’re grapes. Sitting down with a bowl of fresh beans to snap… so great. And lets not forget pools and beaches…. YEAH… doesn’t get any better than that. Of course the only thing that could make it better would be having BITING COLD for my vacay reading… oh well. I guess we can’t have it all. MAY YOUR SEASONS BE BLESSED!!!!!!

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