Dear Chloe . . .

Dear Chloe:

I know you love Kim Harrison.

I know you finally had a chance to finish PALE DEMON, and that copy of A PERFECT BLOOD is staring at you from the kitchen counter.

I know you once created a faux wedding invitation for Rachel and one Trenton Aloycious Kalamack, because you’ve always hoped they’d end up together.

But you have a Chicagoland Vampires novel to write, and a deadline that is quickly approaching.

Please to finish HOUSE RULES before reading A PERFECT BLOOD.


14 thoughts on “Dear Chloe . . .

  • As Stephen King says, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.” Sorry, I had to.
    But, please finish House Rules first!!

  • Sigh….Trent and Rachel. I’ve wanted them as a couple since we first met Trent.

    • Completely agree!!!!! I would love to see this invite you made up for their wedding too! Share! But only when you have a break from House Rules please…. 😉

    • Agree!!! A Perfect Blood is fantabulous, but I am also not so patiently waiting for new CV! But once I start a Rachel book I can’t put it down! I reread the series before I started it. In fact, may read them all again. They so need to be together 🙂

  • Its cool that one of my favorite authors loves books by another of my favorite authors 🙂

  • Okay, I want to get my hands you the new CV books as much as any body… But A Perfect Blood is SOOOOO AWESOME!! You must take time to read it!!!! (then quickly get back to writing!! Hehe)

  • I just finished A Perfect Blood this weekend after waiting months for my local library to get it (I started the series in paperback and alas I am anal enough that they have to match on my bookshelf, so had to read the hardback from the library and wait a year for my bookshelf to be complete.) I encourge both the finishing of House Rules and the enjoyment of Rachel’s antics.

  • I haven’t even read the Hollows, but I definitely want to see the faux Rachel and Trent wedding invitation…..after you finish House Rules young lady * points the authoritarian-nagging finger of get-it-done*

  • Oh my, I love you and Kim so much! I don’t know that I could even give you advice as to what you should do! he he he

  • We can all tell you what happened in A Perfect Blood and then you can get back to writing! (Just kidding – I’d probably kill anyone who did that to me)

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