Join me tonight at the Kearney Public Library!

If there are any Kearney residents or UNK students out there in the Meritverse (Can we start saying that?? Or maybe it should be the Ethanverse. Or Celinaverse? Malloryverse? Seriously–I could go all day with this.) join me tonight at 7:00 for a reading and signing at the Kearney Public Library in Kearney, Nebraska.

I’ll be showing off my eight-foot-tall banner stand, and handing out TWICE BITTEN postcards and FIRESPELL bookmarks.

I might also, hypothetically, bring in the only print copy of the TWICE BITTEN manuscript. Maybe I’ll give folks three or four seconds to peruse it. Who knows?! 🙂

Hope to see you there!

Chloe Neill Booksigning & Reading
7:00 p.m.
Kearney Public Library
Kearney, NE
2020 1st Avenue
Kearney, NE

(And Go Lopers!)

4 thoughts on “Join me tonight at the Kearney Public Library!

  • Oh my! I'm completely jealous! Although, given the chance to see the Twice Bitten manuscript … would I look? … very tempting … hopefully I'll have the will power to say no, or else I'll never want to give it back. LOL

  • We had a great time last night in Kearney – completely LOVED Chloe! We even heard a quote from Twice Bitten…July is so, so far away! Thanks for visiting, can't wait to have you back.

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