Carb-wrapped meat tubes. Chicago Style.

I love this Chicago Hot Dog print by Hawk Krall, which is from his Hot Dog Art series created for one of my favorite food blogs–Serious Eats.

What makes a Chicago Hot Dog (aka, Salad on a Bun) a Chicago Hot Dog? Serious Eats has the scoop:

But today it’s all about the classic dragged-through-the-garden jumbo beef frank on a poppy seed bun, topped with pickles, sport peppers, tomatoes, neon green relish, bright yellow mustard and celery salt.

Serious Eats (and Hawk Krall) also introduced me to the minimalist Chicago Depression-Dog, which was a new one for me:

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4 thoughts on “Carb-wrapped meat tubes. Chicago Style.

  • That is great! My mom is from a hot dog fiend and I don't know if this is the perfect gift for her or I'd be dooming myself to hot dog dinenrs every time we go out.

  • I think Merit would approve. πŸ™‚ Just change the hot dog to a veggie dog and I'd be game too(though the neon green relish scares me a bit)

  • I finally got to read Some Girls Bite and NOW I get the meat tube stuff. BAHAHAHAHAHA I love that scene where they bring in the dogs to Ethan. *snicker*

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