New FLAIR Store!

I’ve added two brand-new sections to the Store! First, a very economically-priced group of flair/buttons to satisfy all your pro-Morgan, pro-Ethan or pro-Luc needs!! Second, upon request from my lovely new friends in Kearney, a classic CADOGAN T-shirt similar to the one I’m wearing my authorly photo. Enjoy! And speaking of Kearney, how great was[…]

Carb-wrapped meat tubes. Chicago Style.

I love this Chicago Hot Dog print by Hawk Krall, which is from his Hot Dog Art series created for one of my favorite food blogs–Serious Eats. What makes a Chicago Hot Dog (aka, Salad on a Bun) a Chicago Hot Dog? Serious Eats has the scoop: But today it’s all about the classic dragged-through-the-garden[…]

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