HOUSE RULES — The first chapter

And away we go. The very first tidbit of HOUSE RULES, the seventh Chicagoland Vampires novel, is below. Click on the link below the snippet to read more. 🙂

It was like a scene from a divorce: belongings divided into piles; books labeled with one owner’s name or the other; and everyone emotionally exhausted.

But in this case, there was no breakup. Not of the human variety, anyway. This was more of a secession. A declaration of independence.

It was a rebellion, and the golden-haired vampire next to me was leading the charge. Ethan Sullivan, the unofficial co-Master of Chicago’s Cadogan House, and my boyfriend.

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18 thoughts on “HOUSE RULES — The first chapter

  • Ahhhh. That was a great treat. I’ve been yearning for a good hit of things Cadogan. Let February come!

  • So good. Thanks for posting it. Now I am even more excited, I didn’t think that would be possible.

  • So excited, can’t wait. I do hope everything works out for Mallory and Merit. I feel like she was there for Merit at the beginning and some bad things happened to her. Plus I think they compliment each other. Here is hoping.

  • Love it!!! I can’t wait till February when this book comes out. Already on my wish list and just counting down until then. I hope Mallory and Catcher make up but I love Merit and Ethan together!!!!

  • Love it!!! I can’t wait till this book comes out in February but this helps until then. It’s already on my wish list and just counting down the days till it comes out. I hope Mallory and Catcher get back together and she keeps on her path to being back on the side of good. I do love the interaction between Merit and Ethan, they so great together!!!

  • So happy!!!! Halloween and the first chapter! It was worth the wait. Now have to wait 4 months until the book!!!! I think i can do it without going crazy!

    • Great idea ! And Chloe thank you so much for the first chapter I definitly can’t wait ’till House Rules =)

  • Yay!!! Thanks. So much stuff brewing AND hints of a possible library make out session. Le sigh 🙂

  • Love it! Love it! Love it! Can’t wait for February to come round now! Can’t believe I’m wishing my life away for a book … I seem to lurch from one release date to the next! Well done Chloe – can’t wait to read it in full … Tell me we’ll get more for Xmas?

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