My Upcoming/Recent Release Auto-Buy List

I get asked quite a bit what urban fantasy and paranormal romance books I enjoy. Although I don’t have tons of time to read right now (especially when I’m procrastinating by writing blog entries on my favorite books, lol), there are a few upcoming/recent releases I’m VERY excited about. Thusly:

1. Lover Mine by J.R. Ward (April 27, 2010): Very excited to read John’s book. If you haven’t read the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, what are you waiting for??
2. Blood Cross by Faith Hunter (Jan. 5, 2010): This one released the same day as FIRESPELL, but I haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet. I LOVED Faith’s Rogue Mage series, and her Jane Yellowrock series is another great one. Set in NOLA, very dark, very vampy.
3. Total Eclipse by Rachel Caine (Aug. 3, 2010): This is the final (boo!) book in Rachel’s Weather Wardens series. This is probably my all-time favorite urban fantasy series. If you haven’t read it, dive in, and offer David a kiss for me.
4. Fantasy In Death by J.D. Robb (Feb. 23, 2010): Ah, Roarke. So much to say, so little time. How about this – J.D. Robb’s hardback releases are one of the main reasons I’m having trouble making the switch to the e-reader. Auto-buy, much?
Well, you’re all a well-read group, so you’ve probably tried all these series, but maybe–just maybe–I’ve offered up something new. Enjoy!
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3 thoughts on “My Upcoming/Recent Release Auto-Buy List

  • I am also waiting for J.D. Robb and J.R. Ward. Already read Blood Cross – excellent! My TBB list is soooooo long it isn't even funny. But if this is the only thing I am addicted to, I count myself lucky!

  • I'm really excited about Lover Mine, However, I would add.

    1. Black Magic Sanction(Rachel Morgan Hollow Series book 8) release date 2/23/2010

    2. Bite Me by Christopher Moore- Release Date: 3/23/2010. This the sequel to a previous books, "Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story and You Suck". Both are very witty and you'll be laughing out loud in these vampiric romantic comedy stories.

    3. Dead in the Family: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel book 10 Release Date: 5/4/2010

  • Since you're a BDB fan I would suggest the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole. I love the BDB books but these are even better!

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