Upcoming books I’m REALLY excited about!

Since I know you’ve all finished HEXBOUND and you’re waiting impatiently for HARD BITTEN, here’s my current wish list for upcoming UF/PNR and other titles… 1. Pale Demon by Kim Harrison: Coming February 22, 2011. LOVE the Hollows series. It’s one of my all-time favorites. 2. Lover Unleashed (BDB 8): Coming March 29, 2011. This[…]

Travel Reading?

When I have a little time to read, I love to read travelogues. I’m about to finish the most recent (curmudgeonly, caustic) Paul Theroux installment, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star,* –which is unfortunately the last (non-fiction) Theroux on my list. So, it was time to find some new travel writers. I perused the web[…]

My Upcoming/Recent Release Auto-Buy List

I get asked quite a bit what urban fantasy and paranormal romance books I enjoy. Although I don’t have tons of time to read right now (especially when I’m procrastinating by writing blog entries on my favorite books, lol), there are a few upcoming/recent releases I’m VERY excited about. Thusly: 1. Lover Mine by J.R.[…]

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