Travel Reading?

When I have a little time to read, I love to read travelogues. I’m about to finish the most recent (curmudgeonly, caustic) Paul Theroux installment, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star,* –which is unfortunately the last (non-fiction) Theroux on my list. So, it was time to find some new travel writers.

I perused the web looking for good travel books, and came across a few lists (which I have now printed and will probably, in truegeek style, highlight and check-off), which I thought I’d share.
FYI, while the iPad’s iBookstore is still a little slim on titles for my taste, many of these books are in the public domain (including those by Mark Twain), so they’re available at Project Gutenberg. Thus, you may be able to find them for free on Amazon or in the iBookstore.
Happy reading!
3. Wall Street Journal – Five Best Books on Travel
4. Amazon Listmania! Best Travelogues
* – I enjoy reading Theroux, although he’s not for the faint of heart. The New York Times called GTTTES “a book defined and driven by egotism,” among other things.

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