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Apple recently announced that presale for the WiFi iPad will begin March 12, 2010, with an April 3, 2010 release date.

Nathan Bransford offered up a sweet video from Penguin UK about its iPad offerings, including–for you fans out there–a chunk from Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series. Very nice!

UPDATE: More bookgeekery from Boing Boing. Cover designer Lauren has shared a two-minute clip of the designing of Gail Carriger’s third steampunk paranormal, Blameless. Very cool video of the development of a book cover!

(And you still have time to get in your questions. See below!)

2 thoughts on “This Just In.

  • If I'm productive over the next few months, then I plan to get an iPad. Btw, congrats on crossing the halfway mark on Hexbound 🙂

  • I feel pretty bland about the Ipad…not really that interested in it at it's current price or
    technical state…maybe when they come out with their 2nd or 3rd generation

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