New Keene Family and Cadogan House “List” T-Shirts!

I’m currently reading CLASH OF KINGS, the second of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones books, and I’m totally in love with these T-Shirts.



And, of course, because I loved them so much, I had to do something similar for Cadogan House and (coming soon!) the Keene Family!


Click on the pictures to review or purchase, or check out all the new items in the Official Swag Shop here! 

3 thoughts on “New Keene Family and Cadogan House “List” T-Shirts!

  • Hmmm so the E Keene is Eli? And the D Keene was Derek. Can’t wait for a Kick It snippet or the first chapter of Biting Bad!

  • Absolutely wicked!! love em, i’ve got a thing for hoodie’s & next one i am buying is going to be a Chicgoland vampires one. Now if only i could stop buying books 😀

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