Did someone ask for a teaser??

Hmm. Maybe I’ll give you TWICE BITTEN teaser today. And maybe May 1 we’ll start the TWICE BITTEN ARC contest, and I’ll pick a winner on May 15. And maybe on June 1 and June 15 I’ll give you TWO more TWICE BITTEN teasers.

Maybe. 😉

* * *

“Hey, even vampires need practice.”

“No s**t, since Celina batted you around like you were Tom to her Jerry.”

I slid her a sideways—and none too friendly—glance.

“What?” she asked with a shrug. “So Celina likes to play with her food.”

“At least Celina didn’t destroy Cadogan House in the process.”

“Oh, yeah? Check this.” She stomped—literally, stomped—back to the kitchen, moved around the island, and pulled out the long, short drawer that held my chocolate stash.

She reached in and, her eyes still on me, moved a hand through the drawer—which was a treasure trove of chocolate—until she pulled out a long, paper wrapped bar of gourmet hot chocolate. Grinning evilly when she realized her treasure, she held it before her with both hands, then began to rip off one corner of the package.

“That’s one of my favorite kind,” I warned her.

“Oh, is it?” she asked then used her teeth to snap off a giant corner of the bar.

“Mallory. That’s just hateful.”

“Sometimes, a woman needs to hate,” was what I thought she said over a mouthful of 73% dark chocolate that I’d only been able to find at a tiny shop near U. of C. On the other hand, I’d done without for this long . . .

“Fine,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest. If we were going to fight like adolescent sisters, might as well go the distance. “Eat it. Eat the whole thing while I’m standing here.”

“Maybe I”—she raised the back of her free hand and chewed a mouthful of chocolate. “Maybe I will,” she finally got out.

* * *

31 thoughts on “Did someone ask for a teaser??

  • Chloe, honestly, teasing about the book *and* about chocolate theft? Too much.

    Is it May 1 yet? Is it? Sigh… no it is not. 🙁

  • thank you!
    I cant wait to read Twice Bitten! I miss Merit! and Ethan of course 🙂

  • This is a serious violation of the GFA (Girlfriend Act passed in 0 BC). It's like dating the ex or ruining borrowed clothes. There are penalties…

  • Can't we all just get along? and eat chocolate?

    Now that I think about it, I'm getting a Smith vs Neo vibe as she bites into the chocolate bar, flaming balls of lightning vs gleaming metal steel…awesome

  • What a 'delicious' teaser. I love the banter between these two! Thanks for this! Was much needed!

  • yummmmmmmm, chocolate… *drool*

    i shall not be so insane as to tackle mallory for that chocolate…

  • Oh SNAP! That's like sacrilege… Blasphemy even. Stealing chocolate oh the agony

    Loved the teaser, can't wait for more!

  • Thanks for the teaser!

    *sigh* May is too far away. Then again, anything that isn't tomorrow is still too far away. Heh.

    Now I feel like eating chocolate. =P

  • oh dear… this bickering does not sound .ike it will end well and talk about drawing first blood eating from merits prize stash. cant wait

  • what I want to know is – what kind of chocolate was it? Can I get a name?

    What? Like you all weren't wondering…..

  • Oh-ho, and the black studded leather gloves have officially now come off… this blatant act of fine dark chocolate theft simply cannot go unpunished. Tsk, tsk.

  • And suddenly I'm not so sure anymore…was the teaser a good thing or a bed thing? Is there such a thing as a CV addiction? Am I a CVA?
    My name is Aurore and I'm a Meritaholic, today I read a teaser and now I'm literally yearning (can I use this verb here? please cut me some slack English is not my mother tongue)for Twice Bitten. As for the chocolate well Valrhona would be hard but the ultimate torture certainly JP Hevin around here…

  • Yum, chocolate! I'll make sure to have candy next to me when reading Twice Bitten!

  • Oh boy. Merit and Mallory are fighting again. This can't end well… Why can't we all get along?

  • I JUST read the last page of FNB. I held off on reading it so I wouldn't have to wait too long for TB. One question….and I'm sure this has been asked, why the model change on the cover. That is NOT the Merit that we know. Unless she decided to grow out her signature bangs and start sporting leather instead of layered tees and jeans??? Regardless of the cover – I can't wait for TB. FNB was GREAT! Thank you.

  • I can't believe she ate her chocalte. Everyone knows Merit loves her food. I can't believe she didn't beat her down haha!

  • O the little things!: I was just smiling thinking about, anticipating what Merit's first mixer is going to be like…really can't wait to read it…I haven't pre-ordered Twice Bitten because Amazon announces I'll get it in august…there must be a faster way…

  • LPCoder:

    Did Mallory destroy something which prompts Merit's comment that at least Celina didnt destroy the House?

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