My Chicago Agenda

In addition to heading to Chicago later this month for the Hunger Walk, I’ll also (hopefully) be checking some fabulous shops, sites and eateries off my list. Here are some of the things currently on my agenda:

1. My first trip to Soldier Field (where the Hunger Walk takes place).

2. Tour the Pedway, the pedestrian walkway running above and beneath the Loop, which plays a big part in HEXBOUND.

3. Visit the Field Museum, which will play a part in a future DARK ELITE book.

4. Visit Greer, paper store extraordinaire.

5. Visit the shiny, new Orange Beautiful store.

6. Dinner at Wildfire.

7. Enjoy my first visit to Taste of Chicago and sample lots and lots of deliciousness, including a visit to the Eli’s Cheesecake Co. booth for another delicious bit of cheesecake. (For an upcoming contest, Eli’s is very generously offering up a cheesecake to a CV reader; I’ll be offering more details in a couple of weeks.)

8. Visit Swirlz, a cupcake bakery.

9. Visit the gorgeous Harold Washington Library (Little known fact: In an original draft of SOME GIRLS BITE, Ethan and Merit first met outside the library, where she’d gone to mourn her ability to roam the building during daylight/business hours.

10. Visit the Rookery Building.

11. At least one (mandatory!) Water Taxi ride or Lake Cruise. Oh, how I love the waterses and being upon them.

12. Breakfast at Southport Grocery or the Bongo Room.

10 thoughts on “My Chicago Agenda

  • Have you taken an architectural tour on the Chicago River? I highly recommend it if you have the time.

  • I have!! Loved it. (I've also had three river taxi rides and three (I think) lake cruises. Can't get enough of them. šŸ™‚

  • Been in chicago since I was 6, I don't believe I've even actually been in the Harold Washington Library.

    Chloe, You're a pro at vacation planning!

  • I am so jealous! I have never been to Chicago and have wanted to for so many years. Have tons of fun!!!!

  • Chicago is such a wonderful place to visit! I haven't been there in eons, like when I was 16 or so, but I remember so many cool things. I saw a mugging at the train stop, watched a White Sox game, went to the top of some insanely tall building, had a picnic at the lake and went to a store that had a tunnel going under the street. It was also my first experience with humidity- ugh!

    You are an expert vacation planner and I was so glad to see that I am not the only person that plans a trip around food experiences. I love to try local shops and eat regional cuisine when I travel and so do my kids.

    We're getting ready to have a cupcake battle here in DC- we've been stationed here for a year and are about to move so we need to crown a winner. It's a battle between Georgetown Cupcakes and Cake Love. Enjoy Swirlz!!

  • Will you be doing any autograph signings while you're here (Chicago)??? I work in the Loop.


  • Well- I don't live too far from Chicago but haven't been in years. It sounds like you have alot planned for your trip ….all of the food stops sound great. Have Fun!

  • I love living in Chicago! And is there anyway we can have a peek at thwt first meeting with Merit and Ethan?


  • Chicago pizza and Oven Grinder!!!!! (2121 n clark it's across the street from the site of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and it's not your typical pizza!)
    A Richard Crowe ghost tour is fun too, but it's been years since I did the tour!

  • You really should have a meal in Hyde Park! I recommend breakfast at Medici…

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