Four Weeks From Today!!

TWICE BITTEN will be released four weeks from today! Are y’all excited?? 🙂 Don’t forget to check back on June 15 for another TB teaser!

UPDATE: Perfect timing–the first copy is here!!

13 thoughts on “Four Weeks From Today!!

  • Excited is not the word, I've already checked the bookstore to see if they will get it ahead of time.

  • I'm very excited of course for the next book of Merit and Ethan.

  • I'm excited! Bought and finished book two. Can't wait for twice bitten to continue the story.

  • I can not wait! I am actually going into the bookstore and buying it instead of being lazy and ordering it through Amazon, because I want it in my hands the day it comes out.

  • Oh, the prettiness. I think I will skip waiting for the UK version and buy this (much lovelier) copy when it comes out. ♥

  • i wish i could just grab the book through the computer screen right now and start reading away! i ordered it online which means i probally wont get it til that week friday. but at least i saved on money ordering online. 8)

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