I’ve finished BITING BAD. Now what?!

Do you already miss Methan?

Are you suffering from Jeff Christopher withdrawal?  Do you miss Jonah’s witticisms, and Catcher grumpiness?

Never fear. You’ve got THREE more Chicagoland Vampires stories coming at you soon.

1. December 3, 2013 – KICKING IT, Featuring High Stakes, a Luc & Lindsey Short Story

8 thoughts on “I’ve finished BITING BAD. Now what?!

  • But…but…but… December is so far away! I don’t know if I can wait that long!

  • I love your books I have all the chicagoland books on my way to get your others cant wait for more releases and to see what you come out with next your awesome please keep the books coming even if I have to wait a while for them to be released they will become a part of my collection 🙂

  • December!!! that’s 4 months away and January!!!! tha…tha… that’s next yr, ok, ok deep breath, will stop pouting now and just savour what I have, I just love this series. xxx

  • Why do none of my favorite authors come to Cheyenne ,Wy . It’s not in another country. They go to Denver but never here. I do realize that it is a lot larger. But the people who live in smaller communities read also. I know several who love her books as much as I due. However they cannot afford to go that far as they donor have a good car. My daughter and I went to one in Denver,as I’m handicapped and can’t stand for hours. It is uncomfortable to ride that far then. Stand for hours. So it is impossible. However I love Chole Neill’s books. Just wish there was a better chance for I and my friends to meet her.

  • Just have to say that Biting Bad was fantastic. I absolutely loved where Merit and Ethan are in their relationship – and loved that Mallory has come along also. I’m really looking forward to Wild Things!

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