What’s on Chloe’s Desk?

I annotated a photograph of my desk, mid-edits for WILD THINGS (CV9). You know, for enlightenment and procrastination.

Chloe Neill's Desk

The Annotations:

[1] Tray of odds and ends, including new business cards, heart token from my awesome assistant, Felix Doolittle bookplates, chunk of amethyst, and driftwood from Key West

[2]  My babygirl, a MacBook Pro with European Cadogan House sticker

[3] A plaque engraved with the first time I (and CV) hit the bestseller lists — Hard Bitten in May 2011

[4] A photograph of Lake Michigan by the very talented Tom Lazar

[5] Whitelines notebook and Tasche Ohto pen for notes

[6] Reference materials, including The Vampire Book, The Witch Book, The Werewolf Book, and a Blurb book I made for the 2012 RT Booklovers Convention

[7] Personalized 3×5 cards and a holder for notes. (I removed the spoilery ones and added blanks for the photograph)

[8] Random Penguin!

[9] External drive for Mac Time Machine backup

xoxo, Chloe

3 thoughts on “What’s on Chloe’s Desk?

  • Wow you are super organized! My desk looks like a tornado went by most days. 🙂

  • Random Penguin is missing a great marketing op …we should be seeing “random” penguins all over the place… ha ha ha. Your desk looks like you could get VERY distracted when the Levenger catalog comes in!

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