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In case you haven’t already joined Team Eel (*waves at Team Eel*) and you’re eager to chat about TWICE BITTEN, you can join one of the Chicagoland Vampires Yahoo Groups. Here’s a basic preview:

1. CV Spoiler Board: This is the board for posting TB spoilers. The spoiler board is open through three weeks after the book’s release date (in case case, through July 27, 2010). After that, spoilers can be posted to the main board as long as **SPOILER** tags are used.
2. CV General Board: This is the general discussion board to meet fellow CV/DE readers, chat about other authors, and make TWICE BITTEN predictions.
Welcome aboard!

4 thoughts on “CV/DE Yahoo Groups

  • Okay ARC holders get on over to the spoiler board and start spilling the beans. I've got TB pre-ordered but July 6th is too far away….So get crackin' with the spoiler-spillage šŸ™‚

  • Oh no LOL. I'm bad at spoilers, cuz I hatesss them, but I get that some people don't mind them.

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