Jeff and Catcher respond to the "Teams"

Today in guest blogging: Catcher ( is over at Smexy Books and Jeff ( is over at A Buckeye Girl Reads to battle for your hearts and minds and combat the notion that “Team Morgan” and “Team Ethan” are the only legit teams.

Says Jeff:

“I’m also, you know, wicked skilled on the keys. *Stretches his fingers* You
want to talk binary, output, input, interface, Facebook, Linux, architecture,
compliance, what have you–and I’m your man. You need in? I’ll get you in. You
need to disappear? I can help you out. All of it’s completely above-board . . .”

6 thoughts on “Jeff and Catcher respond to the "Teams"

  • Lol! That was fun! You should do this more often. I was always team jeff, so I did not need any convincing here, but still..
    *jagna reading the posts*
    *roomate- jagna, why are you smirking at the computer?*

  • I've always been Team Ethan from the start but i adore Jeff too. He's such a sweetie. Can't wait to see who this girl is in Twice Bitten. Hurry up July 6!

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