Bad Time to Lose the Interwebs

So, my interwebs are currently down, thus the lack of pre-release posting. Thanks to all of you who’ve been carrying on bravely during the TWICE BITTEN BLOG TOUR. I promise I’ll get links to your various posts up very soon!

And keep a look out for more fun interviews, guest blogs and contests in the week to come!

4 thoughts on “Bad Time to Lose the Interwebs

  • Just got my copy of TB from Barnes and Noble. It's better the second time around! You did good,Chloe.

  • got my book from BN and can I say its awesome and so glad to give up my sleeping to read Merit and Ethan..can't wait for Hard Bitten and Hexbound.

  • I'm so jealous of everyone getting their copies early! I want my copy so badly! I need my Ethan/Merit fix! Just one day to go! *sighs impatiently*

  • I got my copy of Twice Bitten today, and have read it already! OMG I loved it, it was awesome. Although now I'm kind of regretting that it will be so long until the next one. I was lucky. I discovered the series about two months ago, so read books 1 and 2 within about two weeks of each other, and then only had to wait another six weeks to book 3. 🙂 But now I have to be patient.

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