Happy Friday! (and request for info)

Happy Friday, everyone! This has been the longest week, no doubt slowed down by the weird weather we’ve had in our little corner of the Midwest (hot, hotter, less hot, blindingly hot, etc.). But we’ve made it through another week, and hopefully my very busy weekend will involve 3,000 words of Merity goodness.

In other news, the Boy and I will be heading to Kansas City in a couple of weeks for a quick trip. It’s a photographic outing for him (various fountains, the Nelson-Atkins, etc.) and a writing-slash-watching-the-photographer-work trip for me.

For those of you in the KC area, any off-the-beaten path suggestions for fabulous photos or food?

7 thoughts on “Happy Friday! (and request for info)

  • I live in the Kansas City area and I work just off the plaza about 200 yards from the Nelson Atkins. The plaza and surrounding area has lots of fountains and great food, but they wouldn't be off the beaten path. Most people when they come here eat the Kansas City BBQ! Gates BBQ is probably the most popular. But if you dig the blues and BBQ check out this place… http://www.bbslawnsidebbq.com. There is an italian place in Independence about 20-25 minutes from the plaza that has been around forever and people love. They even package their food and sell it at local grocery stores. It's called V's on 40hwy. If you've never been to a drive-in there are two or three in the city that have current movies.

    Attractions on the photogenic side would be Union Station and Liberty Memorial.

    Umm..I'll have to think of more, I don't do much tourist stuff 'cause I live here. I drive by the fountains all the time so even those don't seem like a big deal to me. I'm a bad person, I know.

  • I had the best Indian buffet when I went to KC for memorial day. It is call Korma Sutra. I so recommend!!!

  • Warrensburg isn't too far and cafe Blackadder has really good food and a nice atmosphere πŸ™‚ I'd totally show you my house too πŸ˜‰

  • There is so much good food in Kansas City! Some of my favorites are close to the plaza area. There are several restaurants at Main Street and 49th Street. Like Planet Sub, Spin Pizza (it has a spinach salad that is very tasty), and Accurso's (which has a delicious lasagna). And down the street is Andre's Confiserie Suisse which sells chocolate.

    As for pictures I would go for the Plaza, Brookside (it has some very pretty houses and there is a little shopping area at Brookside Boulavard and 63rd Street), Linda Hall Library and UMKC (both have some beautiful buildings), and possibly the Power and Light district in downtown (there is place called The Flying Saucer that has like 200 beers!)

  • I work across the street from Crown Center – 1st floor, my view is the kiddos running through the fountains! If you are staying at the Hyatt or Westin @ Crown Center there are TONS of places to eat inside CC. I would also suggest the Kona Grill or the Cheesecake Factory or Hibachi's down on the Plaza. Pretty much anything you would like for a night out on the town, plus a great place for photos. Hope you enjoy your time here!


  • I'm sure you've already gone, but in case you go again, here are my recommendations: foodwise, I highly recommend BBQ – hometown favorites are Gates and Bryants (there are a few suburban locations, but if you want the real deal, you'll want to go to the ones closer to downtown). Also, local favorite and spot of my elementary school class reunions – Minsky's pizza. You have to do it at least once. You won't regret it. In terms of off the beaten path pretty spots, there's a gorgeous rose garden in Loose park, which is pretty close to the Plaza (do not recommend going there after dark). There's also Wyandotte County Lake, which I don't think gets enough credit.

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