Merit Gets Loud

Happy Wednesday, in what appears to be the longest week ever. Having finished the first round of HEXBOUND edits, I’m now working on CV4 (previously titled HARD BITTEN, but now we’re playing around with titles). To answer the various Facebook questions, as soon as I have any news about possible additional titles in the CV series, I will pass it along.

I can announce, however, that Penguin has inked a deal with Tantor Media to publish SOME GIRLS BITE, FRIDAY NIGHT BITES, TWICE BITTEN and CV4 (whatever the title) in Audiobook format! Twice Bitten will be released in November 2010. Cynthia Holloway did the voice work, and it looks like you’ll get ELEVEN HOURS of Merity goodness. The page also says “Audio Samples Coming Soon” which will completely make me squee.

No word yet on release dates for the other audiobooks, but I’ll release it as soon as I get it. FYI: I have no say in terms of who does the voicing, and I don’t know if they’ll be available on Audible, although I would presume so.


8 thoughts on “Merit Gets Loud

  • What great news!! I have been hoping for CV in an audio format! Although we don't know, I have a good feeling about this being available on I have downloaded other books published by Tantor, and Audible will work to include a book once it is available in an audio format, if you request it.
    I've listened to Cynthia doing other books, and she's going to do an amazing job as Merit. Can't wait!!

    Chloe, it sounds like TB will be the first to come out. Right?

  • Congrats on such a big step in the publishing world! Let us know when the samples are out. I can't wait to listen to Merit in my car!

  • Ooo I can't wait for the audiobooks. I love listening to them in the car and when working out so I love when my favorite books are put on disc.

  • Cool news! My hubby doesn't read so I make him listen to all my favorite books in the car.

  • that is great news, I always have an audio in the car for travelling to work.

  • Ahh Congrats to you Chloe. I'm a huge, huge fan of audiobook. I download them to my mp3 player and listen in the car, working out and just around the house.

    I hope you know this is a big deal. I know of some major book series that are just now appearing on audiobook, the night huntress and midnight breed series to be exact just released their first books on audio a few months ago.

  • After reading some awesome reviews about the CV series, I ordered all 3 books online and finished all of them over the weekend. I couldn't put the books down. Congrats on the audiobook! I can't wait till CV4 is released. 🙂

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