The High Stakes / KICKING IT teaser

Ready to get your Luc on?

Here’s the first bit of the teaser from “High Stakes,” the Luc & Lindsey short story in KICKING IT, an amazing anthology that will hit shelves in less than one month–on December 3, 2013!

Kicking It Anthology Cover

Luc stood in front of me in my smallish dorm room in Cadogan House holding a glossy black shoebox and a pair of the sexiest boots I’d ever seen. Nearly knee-high, buttery black leather with pointy toes and stiletto heels long and thin enough to be weapons on their own.

I stared down at them with obvious lust, but kept my arms crossed and my fingers away from leather I knew would be smooth as silk. “You bought me boots,” I said, for the fourth time.

“If the shoe fits,” Luc said with a crooked grin, which was just as effective as the curls.

“I don’t need boots.”

He gave me a flat look. “Since when did that stop you from buying anything? You have five pairs of black heels.”

“And I’ve explained this a hundred times.” I counted them off on my fingers. “Stilettos, kitten heels, patent, round toe, open toe. A girl needs options.”

“The point is,” he said, “I don’t care if you need the boots. I just want to see you in them. And clothes are completely optional.” . . .

Yes, there’s more! Click here for the rest of the teaser!


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