11 thoughts on “Cynthia Holloway as Merit

  • So does that mean that Cynthia is doing Merit for all of the books or just TB? That's a little weird that they'd start the audiobooks with the third in the series, no?

  • Yep, I am seeing double… and not just because my eye sight is shot to hell and back.

  • LOL the two photos look really alike. =P

    I don't listen to audiobooks, but I imagine it must be good news for those who do listen to them.

    and chicagoland books in more formats = good


  • When i first saw the title i thought 'OMG they're making the series into a film!' lol. CV would make an awesome film or TV series. Can't you just see Merit kicking ass on the big screen? I hope it will happn one day.

  • Does anyone know why on Book 3 they changed the girl on the cover? She is not the Merit we all know and love. Agree the narrator selected looks a lot like our Merit! Congrats!

  • That is so amazing. She looks just like her. When I listen, I'll know it's the real deal. LOL.

  • LOL what a coinsidence! if their is ever a 'some girls bite' movie cynthia should get the part of merit ๐Ÿ˜‰

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