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It’s nearly fall, when minds turn to apples, pumpkins, college football and freshly-sharpened pencils.

Speaking of the latter, I recently had some great luck with custom pencils from Write-On, and thought it would be fun to order up some CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES and DARK ELITE pencils featuring quotes from the series.

So let me know: What’s your favorite one-line quote from SGB, FNB, TB or FIRESPELL?

13 thoughts on “Custom Pencils

  • M favorite quote was when Merit told Ethan in Twice Bitten "Let's just,remember, Sullivan,that I want you for your smoked meats and your smoked meats only" I could no stop laughing when I read it.

  • Can't remember exactly but this was Merit telling Morgan "Don't say it, (Don't something), Don't even think it. I don't do fang."

  • Personally is has to be the the fight scene where Merit kicked his a$$- "Always remember that you are an uncommon soldier whatever they say, and you are quite a thing to behold"

  • My favourite quote has to be the one from the fight scene in TB, after Merit's beaten Ethan, she says- "why, Sullivan, I think I just kicked your ass" It always makes me laugh and think 'you go girl'

  • "Now that, my friends, is what we vampires call a good exit."

    “I’d prefer to see both knees on the ground. I mean, if you’re going to grovel, be the best groveler you can, right?"

    “Can I hold your sword today?”
    Catcher glanced back over his shoulder and lifted a brow. “The sword,” I corrected. “The sword.”


    "You undo me, Merit. Wholly and completely.

  • I LOVE:

    "You undo me, Merit. Wholly and completely."

    "I don't do fang."

    And also, my number one favorite, is the one in Twice Bitten where Ethan tells Merit that she is not only an uncommon soldier. Sorry I can't give the exact quote… ^___^

  • I like the "uncommon soldier" line too. The other thing I like is not a quote, but their foodie moments. Loved in TB when merit mentioned that "we had our fill of pizza and ridiculously fabulous wine." I also like the chapter titles, maybe "the enemy of my enemy is my frenemy?" 🙂

  • "The acronym for the Order of sorcerers is U-ASS?"


    "I need permission to kill two birds with one stone."
    Ethan arched an eye brow, "You need permission to kill fowl?

  • hello chloe my name is Dianne im from el salvador im a big fan im need tell you please ask your editorial if they can translate your books please a read in english but IM not so good

    i like when merit´s anda mayori´s call etha´s dark sullivan and when merit´s say ethan you

    Don’t look at me, I silently told him, assuming he could hear me.This was your idea. You got yourself
    into it, so you can get yourself out . I couldn’t hold back a grin.

  • "much to my dismay, I find I have a sudden taste for stubborn, lithe brunettes with horrible fashion sense." -ethan

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