HEXBOUND First Chapter is up!!

Need your Lily and Scout fix? Now’s your chance . . .

That’s what I was thinking when I happened to glance across the street . . . and saw him. Sebastian Born. He stood on the sidewalk in jeans and a dark polo shirt, his hands tucked into his pockets. His blue eyes gleamed, but not like Jason’s eyes gleamed. Jason’s eyes were spring-bright. Sebastian’s were darker. Deeper. Colder. And those eyes were focused on me.
Also just posted, music from the making of HARD BITTEN!
Also, also, SOME GIRLS BITE is headed to Norway for publication!

5 thoughts on “HEXBOUND First Chapter is up!!

  • I'm a total fangirl. I found a new song to be obsessed with (Waiting for the End), as well as wondering if it's a clue as to what goes on in the next book. May cannot come soon enough.

  • Thanks for the playlist. The songs were rocking, but I have to admit to some trepidation in hearing the Florence + The Machine, "Kiss with a Fist." Does not bode well for my favorite heroine and hero's love life?! I didn't download that song hoping that if I don't hear it I won't fret all the way to May.

  • Oh, boy. I just listened to the full version of some of the songs on the playlist. One-sided obsessive love (Civil Twilight) and angsty loss and heartache (Shinedown)? Really?? What are you doing to us? Love the songs, don't love the context in which I presume we are to assume they are used in the story. Too many clues, as I am sure Susie above, would agree. Thanks, again, though, the books are truly terrific.

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