Stuff I Want to Make

But don’t really have time for . . .

1. Felt Ball Garland (Via Oh, Happy Day!)
2. Quick Bread in a Bottle (Via TheKitchn)
3. Glittered Miniature Village Houses (Via Twig & Thistle)
4. Fudge! (Via Alton Brown) [Sadly, no candy thermometer currently, and no condensed or evaporated milk for the non-temperature kind!]
5. Art Globes (Via Fossil.Life.Style)

3 thoughts on “Stuff I Want to Make

  • OMG Art Globes! I had not seen these yet. I SO want to make some of these, and no, I don't have the time either. Is that not the coolest idea EVER? You know what you've started? I'm going to hoard every nasty old globe I can find in my garage for "when" I have the time. *snort*

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