J.W. Waterhouse

J.W. Waterhouse is one of my favorite painters, and I’ve been reviewing his works quite a bit this week as I draft DRINK DEEP. In DD, Merit works her way through many of Chicago’s supernatural communities, and Waterhouse’s paintings include representations of many supernatural creatures (particularly water-related) and myths. Interesting stuff! Learn more about J.W.[…]

Stuff I Want to Make

But don’t really have time for . . . 1. Felt Ball Garland (Via Oh, Happy Day!) 2. Quick Bread in a Bottle (Via TheKitchn) 3. Glittered Miniature Village Houses (Via Twig & Thistle) 4. Fudge! (Via Alton Brown) [Sadly, no candy thermometer currently, and no condensed or evaporated milk for the non-temperature kind!] 5.[…]

A poster collection of collection posters

I’ll take one of each print, please. Maybe this is how I’ll decorate my last white wall? 1. Marine Animals by Banquet. 2. Northern Friends by Banquet. 3. Animal Alphabet by Rifle Paper Co. 4. Hat Collection by Rifle Paper Co. 5. Horse of a Different Color by 3LambGraphics 6. Eames Arrows by House Industries

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