J.W. Waterhouse

J.W. Waterhouse is one of my favorite painters, and I’ve been reviewing his works quite a bit this week as I draft DRINK DEEP.

In DD, Merit works her way through many of Chicago’s supernatural communities, and Waterhouse’s paintings include representations of many supernatural creatures (particularly water-related) and myths. Interesting stuff!
Learn more about J.W. Waterhouse here.

3 thoughts on “J.W. Waterhouse

  • Wow Chloe! Have you just given us a clue as to what's going to happen in DD? Can't wait!

  • Oh I LOOOOOVE Waterhouse. The Lady of Shallot is my favorite, where she is in the boat. Although, his Ophelias are quite nice as well.

  • Wow. His work is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for putting it on radar!

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