By now, you’ve all seen images and video of the devastation in Japan from the recent earthquake. You guys are seriously the greatest, most generous fans out there, and I’m going to offer you a chance to send some of that generosity around the world.

Between today and 9:00 PM CST on Friday, March 18, I’m asking you to make a donation in ANY amount–$1, $5, $10, $15, or whatever you can afford–to SHELTERBOX, the international organization that provides basic necessities (in a box!) to folks in crisis around the world.
Each Shelterbox contains items like a tent, a stove, cooking supplies, blankets, and children’s items, and can make surviving a crisis a bit easier to bear. [Read more.]
Each Shelterbox costs $1,000 US (including goods and distribution). Our goal: Raising enough funds between now and Friday to purchase 1 Shelterbox!
I’ll give away a SIGNED HARD BITTEN ARC to one lucky giver.* When you make a donation to Shelterbox using one of the links below, come back and identify your name and, if you’d like, the amount you donated in the comments on this blog post.
I’ll announce the ARC winner on Saturday, March 19. I’ll also get the ball rolling with a donation of $100. (I’ll also update the blog to reflect donations to date.) Only $900 to go!!
* – Please save your Shelterbox donation receipt for verification purposes if you’re selected as the winner.

36 thoughts on “SHELTERBOX Fundraiser & HARD BITTEN ARC Giveaway!

  • I've donated at previous places but I've never heard of shelter box. I'm a College student, an anthropology major. My main goal is to eventually do humanitarian work so tragedies like this just make me work harder at my degree. I was able to spare 25$, hopefully one day I can replace the money I donate with my time and labor.

    This is cool of you Chloe, it makes me admire you even more. Hopefully everybody can give a little, I can honestly say I've seen the money and items we donate go into action, its well needed. So please everybody give what you can.

  • haha you're too cute Chloe I didn't expect you to reply! Keep it up with the whole being awesome it works for you!

  • What a great way to help those who were struck by the disaster in Japan! My husband and I donated $100.

  • Thank you so much for bringing this organization to our attention. Twenty boxes have already arrived in Japan, 200 are en route, and 5000 are packed and ready to go! I donated $100, but I'm thinking about making this a repeating donation. The need is so great!

  • This is one of the smartest ideas i'v seen I am happy to say I donated $25. Thank you for pointing fans in the right direction to help. 😉

  • This is a fabulous idea, Chloe!!! What an awesome way to help, and a very cool organization!! Learn about great new things everyday! 🙂 I've donated $100.

  • I donated.
    Great idea Chloe. It's nice how you use your writing to rally people behind good causes when there's a need.

  • A very worthy cause; my prayers are with those who are suffering in Japan. Donated

  • I just donated. Never heard of this charity but what a great idea. Glad to contribute!

  • I donated $25. Also the company I work for matches whatever I donated so if you add that its $50. 🙂

  • It's not the best of times, but the human spirit has always found a way to give us strenght and show us love. I've donated in the memory of all the lost friends that I never knew.

    Thanks for the opportunity Chloe.:)
    Vikki (

  • what a great way to contribute to the relief effort.I donated $100 as well.

    my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

  • Many thanks Chloe. I had already donated to red cross but decided to check out the link anyway. They are great! I donated to Shelterboc as well. And I posted their link to my facebook page. You gotta love how facebook can spread the word. We know people in Japan and it's really hard right now. They are sleeping in clothes and shoes in the event they have to leave their homes in the middle of the night. I am thankful to be able to help.

  • What a wounderful organization and such a great idea Chloe! I just donated $150 to the cause. Everyone should 'like' this organization on Facebook

  • Just donated. This such a great cause and I'm happy to contribute what I can.


  • Great Idea Chloe….I liked this so much, I went in and gave $100.00…..I found your site through "Literary Escapeism" on facebook.

    Thank You

  • Hi Chloe! I donated today. I have family and friends over there so I was thrilled to participate in this!

  • I donated today. The boxes are a great idea. This is the first time I've ever heard of them.

  • This is a great idea. Have just donated on the UK website. 10 pounds sterling.
    Thanks for the idea Chloe.

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