Various Questions

Responses to various comment questions:

– There are no restrictions on hosting a spot in the blog tour if you’re an international blogger. I just can’t send contest prizes outside US/Canada. So you should either limit your contest to US/Canada or skip the contest. But you CAN still participate.

– I will advise if you were one of the fifteen folks to receive the bookmarks when I respond to your blog tour email (hopefully next week).

– I’ve gotten a number of questions about international e-book sales. The books are published in each country by a different publisher. (That’s just the way the system works.) Each publisher makes its own decision about the sale of ebooks.

Thus, if you’re in a country other than the US and you it doesn’t appear that ebooks are available, that may be because the publisher in that country has decided not to produce the books in ebook format (for whatever reason). But feel free to contact the publisher and request ebooks, or if you have the option, request Kindle format on your country’s version of Amazon.

Thanks and xoxo.

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