19 thoughts on “DRINK DEEP

  • WOW!! Great cover!
    I can't decide which cover I like best Hard Bitten or Drink Deep. The backward side view of Merit on Hard Bitten adds intrigue, but the storm creates a captivating background for Drink Deep.
    I agree w/ Elizabeth the covers just keep getting better!

  • Yaaaahooo! So exciting!!! Can't wait to have the whole set, sitting side-by-side.

  • Love it. Also have to gush that I love the "A chicagoland vampires novel" insignia under all the titles

  • Beautiful cover! I wish we got the same covers in the UK as you do in the US. Your covers are so much better there.

  • YAY LOVE IT ^_^ Im dying cause I want to read this and (of course) Had Bitten NOW 🙂 By the way i totally love her boots, I want them XD

  • That is a awesome cover. I really like the red lighting against the downtown skyline. The only thing I don't like is how Merit's cheeks look a bit swollen.

  • Love this cover and the one for Hard Bitten.
    Why is it though that we don't get cool covers like this in the UK. Our book covers for these books are nowhere near as exciting and lively!!
    It's a shame!!

  • I really like this one! Will the UK cover be the same, or will we be getting an update with that one soon? (And actually I disagree – I prefer the UK covers, although both are great!)

  • Keep gettin' better….

    That is the only way to describe everything about the books. The plot the cover the everything.

    I really like the covers because it shows how Merit is progressing in body and more especially in mind.

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