Why Preorders Matter

Preorders are an *enormous* help to authors.


Because they’re lumped together with first week sales.  And that total is a publisher’s first and primary indication of whether a book is a commercial success.  Success affects things like whether a series is continued, and whether the publisher thinks the author is a good bet for future books.  (Sales aren’t the only thing that go into those evaluations, but publishing is a business, and sales definitely matter.)  The first week sales figure also drives NYT and USA Today bestseller status.

When I ask you to preorder, I wanted you to understand why. 🙂


Note: Revised for sense and clarity. Words are failing me tonight. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Why Preorders Matter

  • Is preordering even just a week before release day more helpful than buying on the release day?

    • Preorders and release day sales count the same. But sometimes folks forget to order on release day, or the book isn’t in stock at the store, etc. 🙂

  • Is preorder matter from bookdepository website too?

    I haven’t known this info and I understand your reason.

    In my country (Hungary) were published only the first two CV books. My English isn’t very good, but I have continued the series with e-books. I want to buy all of CV books, because this is my favorite series. Thank you for creating us such a wonderful heroine as Merit! 🙂

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