Found No. 5

Internet awesomeness I think you should know about.

  • Fashion Blogs. I used to be a daily visitor to interior design sites, but for some reason I’ve transitioned to fashion blogs. I love learning about “on trend” colors, designs, and fabrics, particularly when I can squeeze a tidbit or two into a novel or expand the characters’ wardrobes. A few of my favorites are Atlantic-Pacific, Dreams + Jeans, and Luella & June. And, of course, I’m Pinning the mess out of all of it. 🙂
  • Online timer. Need an easy Internet timer to track your reading, your baking, or your writing? I like this easy-to-use model.
  • Apple WWDC. I’m looking forward to next Tuesday’s Apple WWDC, which is expected to bring a new slate of Apple products, including a shiny, new Macbook. I stay up-to-date on product rumors (geeky, I know) here.


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