The final weekend for BITING BAD

It’s my final weekend writing BITING BAD (CV8), which I’ll send off to my editor on January 1, 2013. I think that’s a great way to start the new year!

Now, if I can just get this last chunk finished . . . Wish me luck! Last weekends always make me nervous, so I’ll appreciate any good thoughts you’ve got to send!



7 thoughts on “The final weekend for BITING BAD

  • Your an amazing writer, and I’m sure you have created an amazing continuation to the series. But, nevertheless, I wish you the best luck! Happy new year!

  • You can do it! Your amazing and I am looking forward to reading more about Merit and Ethan. Your books are the ones that go me into the vampire genre. Once I get one of your books, I just cant put it down. You are truly an amazing writer. Hope you have a wonderful and Happy New Years!

  • Good luck and more power 🙂 im counting on that book. I know for sure that its a great book. Happy new year!

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