Chicago Bits

A few random Chicago tidbits to keep your week moving right along. . .

1. “Chicago Style” Tat featuring Blago. Chicagoist enjoys it, but I’m not sure how I feel about that one. (Ed. note: Am I allowed to call him “Blago” when I don’t live in Chicago?)
3. Chicago is awaiting the arrival of food trucks . . . a little longer.
4. In Chicago, and need a bit of literaryness? The Printer’s Row Lit Fest takes place this weekend.
5. Chicago Nerd Social Club!? How did I not know this existed? Rock on, rockers.
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One thought on “Chicago Bits”

  • I checked out the links, some good stuff. I love the idea of a Nerd Social Club, btw. Wasn't sure to laugh or be sad upon reading that the Nerd Speed Dating event had been cancelled, though.


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