Sayeth the New York Times:

Chicago Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup, Their First Since 1961

Congratulations, Chicago!

A Twitterer suggested I should celebrate the win by releasing TWICE BITTEN early. If only I could!! How about, instead, I give a little teaser? The ‘Hawks are looking their bearded best, so let’s do something a little shiftery…

* * *

Without a word, Gabriel pushed back his chair and stood, then walked to the red leather door.

Ethan? I silently asked. He looked at the door for a moment, and for the first time since I’d known him, seemed unsure of the protocol.

But when the other Shifters pushed back their chairs and followed Gabriel back into the bar, Ethan pushed off the wall and followed suit. I stepped in line behind him.

We pushed through the door. The alphas and the baby brother moved to the bar’s front windows, broad-shouldered backs to us, gazes on the dark street. Their body language was tense, the magic in the air prickly and bated as if they were waiting for something. . .

3 thoughts on “Sayeth the New York Times:

  • Woot! One of my friends actually teared up. Bless her heart for being such a big BH/hockey fan.

  • GO HAWKS! Were you in Chicago while they won? It was CRAZY I tell you. Streets were blocked, cheering, fireworks…let's just say I didn't get much sleep. GO HAWKS! (I painted ever other nail black and red during finals! ^^)

    P.S. I heart Byfuglien, Eager, and Kopecky <3

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