Free deleted mini-scene – “Morgan, with cherry”

Close up of a cherry on a white surface

Once upon a time, as I was drafting SOME GIRLS BITE and FRIDAY NIGHT BITES, I had half a mind to see if I could stick Merit and Morgan together.

I tried, and earnestly. But it didn’t take. Even then, she and Ethan had a connection that they couldn’t ignore.

I did try my best. This is a scene I wrote once upon a time that didn’t fit its way into the books.  Reading it again, I blushed. 😉

The night awaited me, so I threw off the pillow and sat up, scrubbing hands across my face to try and wake up. The door creaked open, and I pulled down my hands.

Morgan stood in the doorway, clad in his clothes from yesterday—jeans and a long-sleeved tee.

“Good evening,” he said, leaning back against the door.

I nodded and yawned. “Yeah.”

He pushed off the door and approached, held out a fisted hand. “Brought your breakfast.”

He turned his wrist over, then uncurled his fingers. In the crook of his palm lay a single, crimson cherry attached to a long, chartreuse stem.

“I’m not sure a single cherry’s going to fill up a growing vampire.”

He glanced at his hand. “Oh, sorry. I did that wrong.”

He looked down, hair half-hiding an impish smile, and grabbed the bottom hem of his t-shirt, then pulled it over his head and off his arms. His chest was broad and peppered with dark hair, from a “T” across his pecs to a thin trail that led invitingly into the waist of his jeans.

I sighed, and looked back up at him. He smiled, held the cherry up by the stem, and nibbled the edge of it.

“I thought that was my breakfast?”

“Yeah, no.” He rubbed his six-pack abs with his palm. “This was supposed to be breakfast.”

I perked up an eyebrow. “Oh.”

No, I’m not a tease. That’s actually where the scene ended. 🙂

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xoxo, Chloe

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  • No wonder you blushed! I’m pretty sure i smirked and blushed at the same time 😉

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