Thanks, WillyCon!

Thanks to everyone all the great participants and staff at WillyCon this weekend! I had a lovely time at Wayne State College, and really learned a lot–which is my favorite part of a con.

Best wishes for a great WillyCon in 2015, and thanks so much for having me as the 2014 Guest of Honor!

xoxo, Chloe


2 thoughts on “Thanks, WillyCon!

  • Thank you for talking to me one-on-one! I could tell you have a lot going on right now, but your advice was very helpful. I know the other congoers appreciated your participation, especially the novice writers.

    I’m going to remember this quote (not verbatim): “The phrase ‘aspiring writer’ annoys me. If you want to be a writer, stop aspiring and write!” – Chloe Neill

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